Max Landwirth, Founder & Executive Producer

Max is an actor, producer, philanthropist, and visionary who was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. He spent the majority of his life acting on stage due to the thrill of telling a story and making people feel good. In high school, Max began exploring various ways that he could tell a unique, entertaining, and creative story through film. Max then moved across the country to attend Chapman University where he studied Screen Acting, Film Production, and Psychology. There, Max had the opportunity to work on dozens of student films, both in front of and behind the camera. In 2012, Max interned at John Wells Productions, where he learned about script coverage, production budgets, casting sessions, and saw how a professional production company operates. In addition to the vast amount of film experience Max received while at Chapman, it was also here where he discovered Eastern Philosophy and meditation. Since 2011, Max has actively engaged in the lifestyle and philosophies of the ancient wisdom traditions. After graduating from Chapman in 2014, Max moved to Los Angeles where he is now pursuing his dreams of helping others and changing the world through film.


As Vice President & CFO, Greg Landwirth is responsible for the management of the overall organization which includes financial planning, production budgets, and administration of best business practices. He has a diverse entrepreneurial background from manufacturing fishing lures marketed through an international distribution network to founding a successful nonprofit which distributed more than $2.5 million of basic school supplies to students in need. He has developed effective marketing strategies and obtained investor funding to create profitable business projects. Currently, Greg is the President of the Fanny Landwirth Foundation with a mission is to work together as a family to address critical needs in our communities through financial support, personal involvement and the continued development of a culture of philanthropy for future Landwirth generations.

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Vartanoush Torossian, screenwriter 

Vartanoush Torossian has mixed cultural background and her love for diversity reflects in all her work. She grew up in the Balkans region, an epicenter of conflict, and throughout her life she witnessed poverty, war, and political turmoil. Throughout the years, Varta's fascination with culture inspired her art and defined her mission. As an artist, Varta strives to promote not only cultural diversity but diversity of ideas and perspectives. She believes there is much more that unites people around the world than separates them from one another, and through her art, Varta hopes to bring people together. Varta received her film education at Ithaca College in NY, where she completed her BS in Cinema and Photography. She continued on to receive a MFA in Directing at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. She received her second Master's degree at the AFI Conservatory where she was recognized by faculty for her academic achievements.


Almog Avidan Antonir is a writer/director/producer with a BFA degree in Film Production and an Advertising minor from the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University.

Almog moved to the states from Israel at the age of nine, and fell in love with the art of filmmaking in high school. Since then, he's written, directed, and edited shorts that won awards at various film festivals. After starting the YouTube channel Almost Cool (150,000 subscribers), he's gone on to create numerous viral series along with custom content for brands such as Toyota, Bud Light, American Greetings, Sony Pictures, 20th Century FOX, and Lionsgate. He currently continues to direct shorts, while developing stories for TV and feature-length films.